Introducing a Powerful Hospital Information Management System


Hospital Management Software is a complete state of the art, secure & web-based solution for hospitals that integrates all the departments and branches that are geographically separated. All the hospitals/branches needs are low-end PC’s and Internet connectivity with rest of the IT infrastructure and software taken care by us. Our software that helps in easy management of multi-specialty hospital nursing home, polyclinic, medical shop, and radiology Healthcare investigation center. This super-specialty software helps to provide excellent services and solutions across the Healthcare Industry such as Super Specialty Hospitals, Multi-Specialty Hospitals and General Hospitals.

Organizations these days employee Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which allows them to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate back-office functions. It will be an understatement to say that hospitals are typically non-corporate organizations.

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This product is targeted for Diagnostic and Scan Centers. It handles Registration, Billing, Sample Collection, Barcode Generation, Interfacing with Analyzers, Image Capturing, Report Entry, Report Authorization, etc. This also handles Purchase Order processing, Inventory of the Reagents and other materials. Supports a wide range of MIS reports.

In a laboratory environment where time and accuracy are essential, we help clients by automatic interfacing with the analyzer.

Types of Interfacing:

Uni–directional: The Sample No. and tests to be performed are keyed in manually. The analyzing is done by the analyzer and the output is transmitted automatically to BLIMS.

Bi-directional: We offer bi-directional interfacing in an environment that is completely bar code enabled. Our software helps the scanner read the bar code on the sample, selects the test to be done for the sample, decodes the results and transfers them to the system. The system can also calculate the amount of time needed for the test, before the results can be obtained. The results are formatted into reports to be given to the patients.

The most advanced Hospital Management System


Discover comprehensive radiology system designed with centralized repository. Integrated to EMR to make your work more efficient.

Technology radically enhances the day-to-day activities at a radiology center, enabling the operations more efficiently in every aspect. With Bhishak Radiology, you can create effective workflow, read more images faster, bill more efficiently, enhance referral relations and qualify for incentives, such as meaningful Use.

In the plethora of DICOM image viewers in the market, Bhishak Radiology stands out as comprehensive solution that offers a centralized repository for all the studies while being integrated to the EMR. Bhishak Image Viewer is ensures convenience to physicians and comfort to patients. This solution overcomes the limitations set by infrastructure or technology through web access set by a typical desktop client environment and accesses the data from anywhere by using any computer.

This world-class platform is the result of the combined efforts of the best of software engineers, architects and a panel of doctors and medical experts. It is specifically designed for small to midsize, image centric specialty practices like radiology and oncology.

Bhishak is an advanced health care information system with unique features


Backbone to a diagnostic lab is accurate and Integrated Information. Bhishak Lab Information Management System assures you 100% reliability on it.

Built on international quality standards is high on the affordability, Bhishak Lab Information Management System manages data, resources and entire workflow processes, right from sample collection to verification and publishing of final results. A comprehensive, standalone product catering to the all the procedures of diagnostic lab, LIMS comes with a host of features like custom templates for lab reports, dynamic forms for various tests etc.

Flexible Bhishak Lab Information Management System provides the perfect automation solution to your laboratory liberating you from the tedious, inaccurate and cumbersome manual procedures. Bhishak LIMS software gives you more control over operations and more assurance in analytical results. Lab Information Management System can effectively handle the report flow publication.

In the current scenario, every diagnostic facility is gaining its competitive edge with the highest level of patient care, implementing performance-based measures and the best-of-breed Bhishak LIMS to take care of it all. The laboratory software provides a seamless flow from sample logging to final reports and forms the biggest asset of your infrastructure.

The ease of use coupled with advanced decision support and knowledge management systems improve the workflow while reducing the administrative/operative/lab related errors and simplifying the work of lab technician. This makes Bhishak LIMS the preferred solution for many diagnostic centers. No matter your lab is of a single user to a corporate chain of laboratories or anything in between, Bhishak LIMS is tailored to right fit for your lab requirements.

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Pharmacy management is full of challenges. With Bhishak Pharmacy everything is easily manageable and affordable.

Incredibly robust and user friendly, Bhishak Pharmacy is highly integrated yet standalone product which enables effective running of pharmacy of any size. With inbuilt store management functionality, it has the capacity to take care of entire workflow process of a regular pharmacy to manage stock, indent placement, expiry dates etc. There is facility for acquiring drugs either through direct invoice or through a purchase order. Its other important functionalities include provision for recording the selling and payment details of different drugs.

Being a highly integrated product Bhishak Pharmacy facilitates automatic addition of drugs ordered by the pharmacy as part of patient treatment, to the patient bill prepared at the time of discharge. The drugs issued either on request and discharge basis, or through an order placed to the suppliers can be automatically added to the patient bill. Bhishak Pharmacy provides able support, be it a store with no branches or with multiple branches.

Bhishak Pharmacy not only enables regular replenishment of the inventory but also helps to identify the changing trends in drug sales according to seasonal variations thereby helping in appropriate replacement of drugs.

As you need… How you need… Bhishak HIMS delivers what you expect…


Efficient and foolproof Bhishak HIMS covers entire end-to-end major medical specialties.

Comprehensive and consistent, Bhishak Hospital Information Management System is integrated Medical Record and Hospital Management solution that provides Healthcare providers a single platform management of activities for wide-range automation and process.

Bhishak HIMS is designed to deliver real conceivable benefits to different sizes of healthcare organizations, from small clinics to a large network of multi-specialty hospitals. Modular and bespoke software based on SAAS delivery model is tailored in customizable manner based on your organizational and budgetary requirements.

In a seamless flow, Bhishak HIMS provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting. Its mission critical design covers a wide range of highly diverse hospital administration and management processes.

Conceived and developed by seasoned experts with decades of experience in IT and health care industry Bhishak HIMS effectively addresses all the health information system users’ concerns such as safety, effective care, management of chronic conditions, and improving overall efficiency.

Robust data storing ability of Bhishak HIMS makes it highly scalable software and its extensive reporting capabilities facilitate a better workflow management. Efficient management of data and processes required by all levels of hierarchy, from health service users to policy makers, is far easier.

Cost-effective Bhishak HIMS has high usability with lowest maintenance & expenditure. Using it is the surest way to get the best possible ROI for your services. It is build to meet highest standards of industry in terms of safety and quality.


A complete solution for your Digital vision


The Bhishak Hospital Information Management System  is a flexible, affordable and intuitive software solution developed collaboratively with healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses and pharmacists and designed to empower them to make better decision and enhance patient care and safety, while minimizing costs, resource expenditure and loss of revenue. It also enables healthcare providers to achieve requirements for revenue cycle management system and more.

Bhishak HIMS is an integrated and scalable web-native platform that optimizes clinical, financial and operational outcomes. Its modular capability supports simple integration with additional clinical and ancillary solutions to support the continuum of care. Developed using healthcare industry standards.

Our Hospital Information Management Software can be easily customized according to the size of your hospital/clinic, specialty, OPD, IPD, stock, bed availability and other factors. We build fully-customized solutions after comprehensively analyzing your specific requirements. Bhishak HIMS software solutions come with a varied range of features to run the hospital administration and clinic smoothly without relying upon any third-party tools.