World Class Solutions for Hospital Management System


Neumeric Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Software Products company with specialization in ERP and Business Applications. It started as a Healthcare-IT company by name of Bhishak. The company in its current Bhishak has also delivered Enterprise Applications in Retail, SCM, Education and Agriculture domains.

Bhishak has developed a web based, enterprise grade Information Management System platform which supports hundreds of concurrent users, can be deployed on premise or on cloud and can be accessed from multiple locations. Its robust architecture has been designed with technical and functional extendibility in mind so that any new technology or business functions can be integrated with the core application. This gives it unparallel advantage of long life and obsolescence proof.

Bhishak Hospital Management System is a complete ERP application for any large or mid-size hospital. It covers all the administrative, clinical, support and financial functions of a tertiary care hospital. Bhishak has developed mobile applications for doctors and patients which are connected with HMS for information exchange. It also has a large library of machine integration applications which can provide bi-directional connectivity with Pathology machines.

Bhishak is the only software system in India which has Hospital Management System, Document Management System, Video Imaging System, Mobile Applications, Machine Integration and Website integration all available on the same platform and same application. There is no need of multiple applications from different vendors and no integration nightmares.