Lab Information Management System


Backbone to a diagnostic lab is accurate and Integrated Information. Bhishak LIMS assures you 100% reliability on it.

Built on international quality standards is high on the affordability, Bhishak LIMS manages data, resources and entire workflow processes, right from sample collection to verification and publishing of final results. A comprehensive, standalone product catering to the all the procedures of diagnostic lab, LIMS comes with a host of features like custom templates for lab reports, dynamic forms for various tests etc.

Flexible Bhishak LIMS provides the perfect automation solution to your laboratory liberating you from the tedious, inaccurate and cumbersome manual procedures. Bhishak LIMS software gives you more control over operations and more assurance in analytical results. LIMS can effectively handle the report flow publication.

In the current scenario, every diagnostic facility is gaining its competitive edge with the highest level of patient care, implementing performance based measures and the best-of-breed Bhishak LIMS to take care of it all. The laboratory software provides a seamless flow from sample logging to final reports, and forms the biggest asset of your infrastructure.

The ease of use coupled with advanced decision support and knowledge management systems improve the workflow while reducing the administrative/operative/lab related errors and simplifying the work of lab technician. This makes Bhishak LIMS the preferred solution for many diagnostic centers. No matter your lab is of a single user to a corporate chain of laboratories or anything in between, Bhishak LIMS is tailored to right fit for your lab requirements.


Bhishak – Hospital Management Software


Bhishak Hospital Management Software is flag-ship product for health care industry. which effectively handles all clinical, financial, administrative, and management operations for hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, Bhishak Hospital Software has been designed as a flexible, integrated, secure, and user-friendly hospital information system. It is a complete Hospital Management ERP Solution highly suitable for small, medium and large hospitals, nursing homes, polyclinics, pathology investigation centers, etc.


Ease of accessibility of data to doctors to generate various records, based on patient’s history, age and other factors, Helpful to maintain continuity in patient care, Assists the hospital administration in decision making to develop a comprehensive support system for health care policies, Higher levels of accuracy in handling of finances, patient diet’s and distribution of medical aids and facilities, Greater check and closer monitoring of the drug usage, and its effectiveness, Reduction of errors in transcription, duplicity of information, Reduction of errors caused by handwriting, Helps in overall growth and development of hospital.

HMS is designed for multispecialty hospitals


Bhishak Hospital Management System provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability.
Bhishak HMS is powerful, flexible and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics. This HMS is designed for multispecialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

Global Presence as leader in Health Care Industry


Neumeric Technologies have launched their flagship product Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) which is an ERP Solution based on standard and innovative workflows of the hospital. Apart from being user friendly it is highly Reliable, Scalable and Modular application, running on Client Server Database architecture. The reporting module of HMIS provides in depth managerial inputs for smart decision making which serves as the basis for strategic planning.

Our implementation team has top class experience in implementing the Hospital Management Information System in hospitals ranging from 30 bedded community hospitals to 500 bedded super specialty hospitals. The clinical modules comprise an electronic medical record which also provides all patient data viz. images, investigation reports in a single window. This helps in providing improved clinical outcomes and care to the patients.

HMIS is a multi-entity, multi-divisional and multi-currency application which integrates Payroll and Financial accounting with other operational modules, making it distinct from other Hospital Information System (HIS).

Make your Hospital Operations Smarter


There are multiple challenges in running a hospital efficiently. While patient care tops the list, there are other factors that impact revenues and profitability of your operations. These challenges come in the form of stock pilferages, cash flow issues, delay in discharge, consultant relations and just sheer lack of key information and insights that can potentially help you save millions.

The Bhishak HIMS offers you the operational visibility that can make all the difference between running a hospital and running a hospital profitably. Only Bhishak offers you a solution that can integrate all your departments – from pharmacies, diagnostic labs, imaging units to branches and collection centers spread across different geographic locations giving you a unified look at your business.

Our modular solutions and configurable workflows can be customized to your requirements so you can choose the parameters that matter to you the most.

Healthcare-IT company by name of Bhishak


Neumeric Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Software Products company with specialization in ERP and Business Applications. It started as a Healthcare-IT company by name of Bhishak. The company in its current Bhishak has also delivered Enterprise Applications in Retail, SCM, Education and Agriculture domains.

Bhishak has developed a web based, enterprise grade Information Management System platform which supports hundreds of concurrent users, can be deployed on premise or on cloud and can be accessed from multiple locations. Its robust architecture has been designed with technical and functional extendibility in mind so that any new technology or business functions can be integrated with the core application. This gives it unparallel advantage of long life and obsolescence proof.

Bhishak Hospital Management System is a complete ERP application for any large or mid-size hospital. It covers all the administrative, clinical, support and financial functions of a tertiary care hospital. Bhishak has developed mobile applications for doctors and patients which are connected with HMS for information exchange. It also has a large library of machine integration applications which can provide bi-directional connectivity with Pathology machines.

Bhishak is the only software system in India which has Hospital Management System, Document Management System, Video Imaging System, Mobile Applications, Machine Integration and Website integration all available on the same platform and same application. There is no need of multiple applications from different vendors and no integration nightmares.

Leading Hospital Management software in Hyderabad


The best thing about Hospital Management software is that it is now very easy for people to make sure that they can able to get all data within a short span of time with the help of the service portal. It is now very easy to operate the portal and customize the portal with data that they require. In case when the portal needs to be optimized to include some other fields or data, there is no need to get concerned as it can be done effectively with the help of the best support team available at Hospital Management software. As the software is very effective in its performance, there is no hard necessity for people to go for aid of any other technique for data collection and data archival. It is now possible for medical personnel to check the history of their patient’s right from day one within few minutes. If the process is to be done with the help of hard copy that has been archived, it will take some hours and even days depending on how far the data need to be taken. Because of these benefits, many people now find Hospital Management software in Hyderabad to be the most suitable solution for archiving hospital data. There are various add-on packages are also available with the management software.