Introducing a Powerful Hospital Information Management System


Hospital Management Software is a complete state of the art, secure & web-based solution for hospitals that integrates all the departments and branches that are geographically separated. All the hospitals/branches needs are low-end PC’s and Internet connectivity with rest of the IT infrastructure and software taken care by us. Our software that helps in easy management of multi-specialty hospital nursing home, polyclinic, medical shop, and radiology Healthcare investigation center. This super-specialty software helps to provide excellent services and solutions across the Healthcare Industry such as Super Specialty Hospitals, Multi-Specialty Hospitals and General Hospitals.

Organizations these days employee Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which allows them to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate back-office functions. It will be an understatement to say that hospitals are typically non-corporate organizations.

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A complete solution for your Digital vision


The Bhishak Hospital Information Management System  is a flexible, affordable and intuitive software solution developed collaboratively with healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses and pharmacists and designed to empower them to make better decision and enhance patient care and safety, while minimizing costs, resource expenditure and loss of revenue. It also enables healthcare providers to achieve requirements for revenue cycle management system and more.

Bhishak HIMS is an integrated and scalable web-native platform that optimizes clinical, financial and operational outcomes. Its modular capability supports simple integration with additional clinical and ancillary solutions to support the continuum of care. Developed using healthcare industry standards.

Our Hospital Information Management Software can be easily customized according to the size of your hospital/clinic, specialty, OPD, IPD, stock, bed availability and other factors. We build fully-customized solutions after comprehensively analyzing your specific requirements. Bhishak HIMS software solutions come with a varied range of features to run the hospital administration and clinic smoothly without relying upon any third-party tools.

Bhishak HIMS- Best Solution in One Package


Bhishak Hospital Information Management System Software (HIMS) is an integrated software designed specifically for Hospitals. The Hospital Software aims to bring total quality in effective management of patient data and hospital resources with end goal of optimizing doctor’s operational efficiency.

The Bhishak HMS Software exclusively incorporate all necessary features to cover every complex function required in a hospital, customized as per their own requirement. This HMS Software supports hospital staff to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, consultation process, hospitalization, prescription, medication, generate reports, patient forms, inventory, manage administrative tasks, perform billing tasks, track payment and collections, follow up reminders with the patient, staff payroll management and much more. It is designed with module specific approach which allows a high level of scalability and flexibility for the end user from hospital. Furthermore, the customized user interface provides high level access control for various users based on specific administrative and functional role of the hospital. The Hospital software is designed for all sizes of hospitals.

Bhishak supports your hospital for end-to-end services from identification of requirements, customization to meet requirements, optimization of Business Processes, Staff Training and Post Implementation support.

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Managing multi-store is very much easier with Bhishak Pharmacy


Every nook and corner of the world has Medical shop or pharmacy. There are millions of medicines in these stores and it would have always flashed in your mind that having a software could ease you job. That’s what we bring to your hand, the most advanced software “Bhishak Pharmacy “for medical shop management. No more worries in handling pharmacies. No more trouble taking in keep records of medicine. No more headache in maintaining stocks, bills and other administrative work. Neumeric Technologies bring to you the most magnificent software Bhishak Pharmacy to solve all your issues in managing medical shop. We have taken in to account all sophisticated requirement and focused on the customer needs in the medical industry to come out with Bhishak Pharmacy. Bhishak Pharmacy the complete pharmacy accounting software is so designed as to ease the work load of medical shop professionals. The main feature includes invoicing, inventory and stock control, accounting, client and vendor management. This software helps you to track all the profits, loss, profitable clients and products of medical shop moreover it’s a medical shop accounting software. Flexible and adaptive software suited to medical shops or stores or pharmacies of any size.

Automate Your Healthcare Facilities to go Paperless with Bhishak


Bhishak HMS (Hospital Management Software) will be a future software which will maintain all hospital record on computers no matter whether it is prescription of doctor or treatment sheet of patient, medicine, employees all data will be maintained in this software.

Our Bhishak Hospital Management System Software is custom built to meet the specific requirement of the mid and large size hospitals across the globe.

Fully networked based and will be managed by the latest technology tools. Software will be easy to use, and fully graphical interface will be provided to the end user. This software will make your hospital ‘WPP’ that means without paper pen.

Bhishak HMS is a powerful, flexible and easy to use application designed and developed to convey real conceivable benefits to hospitals which reduce the paper overload.

HMS the flow of information across the hospital that helps effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration/management and streamline financial accounting in an optimized and efficient manner. Since its’ a user-oriented management system, it can be easily customized to the requirements of any hospital.

Our Bhishak HIMS has everything your Hospital Needs!


Hospitals and other clinical institutions are amongst the most crowded places that pose a challenging task for the admin to effectively manage the resource. Subsequently, it becomes imperative to employ smart Hospital management software that can streamline the storing, display and editing  of data efficiently.

Bhishak Hospital Management Software offer advanced feature that conform to international standards.

 The software is composed of different modules and each module addresses a specific activity and patient care services. Furthermore, it assists in improving human resource management to help hospital garner maximum value from the resources within the hospital.

Track all services rendered. Calculate the rate based on different parameters, such as night charges, age of the patient and  emergency treatment.

Patient Management

Every patient seeking treatment is issued  unique patient ID, which allows the hospital to track the entire treatment life cycle and visit history of individual patient, including their medical history.

 OPD Management

When a patient comes to the hospital for outpatient treatment for the first time a new registration number is generated. Personal details, such as name, gender, age and address are fed into the system along with  the services the patient require. This module also handles outpatient billing for the services required.

IPD Management

When a patient is admitted into the hospital,  different registration number is generated. In addition, the module tracks various other detail,  such as room allotted, personal details, name of the consulting doctor  or surgeon, advance payment made, medications, diet and any other relevant information.

Discharge Summary

When a patient is discharged from the hospital and all payments have been settled,  discharge summary is automatically generated. In this module, the result of the laboratory tests can be imported, and the format can be changed to incorporate specialty treatment rendered.

Inventory Management

Effective management of stocks such as syringes, dressing,  oxygen cylinders and scheduled drugs, are kept. Maintain an updated record of purchase orders, delivery data, issue slips, and supplier payments.


  • Flexible for all healthcare setups.
  • Can be easily customized to meet changing requirement to gauge areas of improvement and  conform to mandatory regulations.
  • Cover all large and small modules and allows transfer or sharing of data amongst them.
  •  Printing reports.
  •  Immensely end user friendly.


Bridging The Gap Between Health Care And IT Companies


Bhishak health systems tend to become increasingly complex with stakeholders interconnected and constantly changing environments. Any well-managed institution needs information across the length and breadth of health information systems. In many respects; there is a need to monitor what health care services are achieving across the range of basic values and directing principles. As responsiveness contributes to relevance, accessibility and availability of information improves transparency, which in turn strengthens the credibility and legitimacy of health institutions.

The Bhishak Hospital Management Software provides a comprehensive solution to the health care industry. The application is capable of handling clinical, administrative and financial aspects of patient care. Information about appointments, bed availability, and schedules of doctors, specialized services, and treatments are easily accessible.